Is Your Wedding Blog Costing You More Money Than It Makes?

Wedding professionals, you all have blogs, right? Because everyone should have a blog. Let me guess–it has photos from your most recent events, you only update it when you have an event, and then you post it to Facebook? And you (or one of your employees) has to take time from your busy day to manage the blog/social media. Am I right?

I could basically be describing the blogs of any wedding planner or other industry professional out there. In my opinion, these “average wedding industry blogs” actually lose money.

Here’s why: Your time is valuable. You and your staff are highly trained to pull off a big a event and make it look effortless. “Average wedding blogs” don’t attract many new customers, so much of the time spent on them is a wasted effort by people who can make much more money for your business by actually using their expertise to do their jobs.

Good Blogs Work

Maybe your blog has attracted some clients because it shows off photos from your beautiful events. That’s great news, but displaying your work is just a small part of what a good blog can do. A good blog shows understanding and empathy for your customer’s pain points (Planning a wedding is stressful!) and helps guide her in her journey to choosing your business.

A good blog is the result of studying and understanding your current and potential client base and creating content that establishes expertise. In the content strategy business, we know that understanding your customer’s journey is the only way to create effective content.


That’s where SEO comes in. Brides can’t find you on Google if you aren’t dominating search listings–and SEO is the key to that process. And guess what? Your blog plays a key role in helping you get to the top of search rankings. Google’s algorithms actually look for well-written, long-form content to determine those rankings. So if your blog is mostly pictures with a few quotes here and there, it’s not helping you reach new customers who are out there searching for a business like yours.

It’s Part of a Process

The internet isn’t a library, where we just put blogs on a shelf and wait until someone checks them out. Blogs are only one part in the cycle of good content strategy.

Newsletters are important tools to maintain good relationships and share new content.

And your distribution channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (my favorite) should be used strategically to build your community of followers and amplify the good work that you’re doing. Since most of those channels (especially Facebook) are pay to play, an advertising strategy and in-depth understanding of your audience can transform the way you do business.

I Would Love to Help

Weddings are my favorite. And I love to solve problems for the wedding industry experts who devote their lives to making families happy. I’ve got over ten years of experience that can help you reimagine what you’re capable of with your blogs and other online content.

And take some work off of your plate, so you can concentrate on your clients. And maybe have time for lunch or get some sleep.

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