I’m a former book and magazine editor. I’ve published hundreds of articles online and in print, and I’ve lived through–and mastered–the many iterations of SEO.

Messaging is my passion. I’ve got an English degree and an MA in art history to prove my love of the image/text relationship. Telling a story through words and pictures is a skill that I honed as a design philosophy professor, art magazine editor, and children’s picture book consultant. I use those skills to help a portfolio of clients from toy manufacturers to tech companies to political campaigns.

I’m a writer, but I know that persuasive messaging goes beyond words. Whether it’s a blog, an article, or a book, the relationship between pictures and text is essential for guiding a reader through a narrative. My years of experience in art direction and my depth of knowledge on branding and image/text relationships help my clients tell memorable stories that capture readers’ attention and imagination.


About Me

I love writing.

Articles, blogs, essays, and (perhaps my favorite) complex white papers are–for some reason–absolutely delightful to me. I’m a former researcher, so I’m happiest when I’m working on topics that require some extra digging.

I live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, so of course I’m an avid hiker and nature geek. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me reading the news, attempting to master bird watching (but mostly scaring away beautiful birds), and binging on Hallmark mysteries–you might think it’s a guilty pleasure, but I feel no shame. My husband and I love estate sales so much that it’s a little macabre, and we are proud dog parents of a 100 lb pup who thinks he’s a lap dog.

I own a *tiny* content marketing business that lets me flex my creative muscles for few wonderful clients. And I’ve helped found an analytics startup. Oh, and I’m working on some picture books and fiction manuscripts of my own–in between editing and ghostwriting for my clients.

Working with great people is the best part about my job. So now that you’ve gotten to know me, I would love to get to know you.

Check out my contact info below, or we can connect via LinkedIn.


Email: deb@boldnorse.com

Phone: 720-432-1297